Financial Calculator App

Financial Calculator App is a free web site of different planning tools and calculators. It help you to plan for your long-term and short term financial goals. It calculate the future value of Lumpsum or regular monthly investment. Calculate EMI (Equated monthly Installment) and prepare repayment schedule of Home Loan, Car Loan or Personal loan.

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Financial Planner

Financial Planner helps you to plan for your long-term financial goals like Child Education, Child Marriage and Retirement. It helps you assess how much you should invest every month to get a desired amount at the end of an investment period.

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Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator helps you to calculate the EMI (Equated monthly Installment) of home Loan, Car Loan and Personal Loan. Prepare loan repayment schedule with total interest paid and total principal amount paid at the end of every financial year. Compare 2 different loans. Calculate the affordable loan amount based on the affordable EMI. Evalulate Loan Refinance Option

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SIP calculator

SIP calculator calculate the future value of Lumpsum or regular monthly investment.It help you to calculate future value of your monthly investment in Mutual Fund, Public Provided Fund (PPF) or Fixed Deposit (FD) in bank or post office.

- SIP Calculator

- SIP Planner

- SWP Calculator

- STP Calculator

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Fixed Deposit Calculator

Want to know how much you can earn on fixed deposits? Here is a fixed deposits calculator that lets you identify the maturity amount and the interest earned when you open a Fixed Deposit.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

Find out how much you can save by making regular monthly deposits.

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Income Tax Calculator & Optimizer

Calculate and Optimize you tax outgo by restructuring income, investments and expenses.

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Gratuity Calculator

Find out how much gratuity you will get when you retire.

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